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Choosing the Best Color for Your Roof

Choosing the Best Color for Your Roof

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With new or replacement roofing in Bethalto, IL, you’ll have several options to consider when you contact a trusted company like His and Hers Roofing. One of these is the color of your roof. Below, we offer some tips to keep in mind as you make your decisions about the preferred hue of your roof’s covering.

Don’t Limit Yourself to ‘Standard’ Colors

As you explore your options on your next roofing installation, don’t feel you have to be limited black or gray for roof colors. Even today’s asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of shades. If you want to get a better feel for your color possibilities, consider using an online “mood” or “style” board to narrow down your color preferences. Color combinations can also be used if you go with shades that naturally fit together.

Go Lighter If Your House Gets Direct Sunlight

You may find yourself needing roof repair more often with a darker-hued roof if your home gets direct sunlight. This is because dark color roofs absorb more of the sun’s heat, which could accelerate surface wear over time. Lighter shades, on the other hand, tend to deflect more heat away from your roof. This is also beneficial if you want to keep your upper floors naturally cooler.

Consider Your Home’s Value and Your Future Plans

It’s fine to choose a roof color that reflects your personality and personal style preferences. That said, you may want to avoid colors that are too splashy or out of the ordinary if you don’t want to affect your home’s curb appeal or value. Plus, potential buyers may prefer a more neutral shade – or at least one that’s more in line with other homes in the area.

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