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Signs You Need a Roof Inspection

Signs You Need a Roof Inspection

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As one of the most vital parts of the home, it’s important to provide your roofing system with proper care and maintenance. While professionals like His and Hers Roofing can help care for your roofing in St. Louis., MO, there are things that you can do to ensure that your system stays in excellent shape, such as knowing when you need a roof inspection. Here are the signs to look for:

Your Roof is Nearing the End of Its Lifespan

Most homeowners move into a home that has already been standing for several decades. Older roofing systems are more susceptible to damage and will be weaker than a new roof. If you know that your roof hasn’t been repaired or replaced in years, contact a professional roofing contractor in St. Louis., MO for an inspection. We will assess your roof, look for any hidden issues, and provide you with the proper solutions.

You Have Faulty Shingles

You need to schedule an inspection if your roofing shingles are dry, cracked, or missing. Missing shingles can affect your home’s curb appeal and expose your interior to the elements, leading to water damage, weather damage, and UV radiation. It’s important to call for roof repair in St. Louis., MO immediately since things like water damage can lead to more expensive issues later on.

You Have Water Damage on the Ceiling

An inspection is necessary if there are water spots or signs of leakage in your ceiling or attic. Water damage is one of the first signs of a roofing issue that is beyond repair. If the damage has spread to your home’s interior, it means that your current system has sustained significant damage and you would need a new roofing installation in St. Louis., MO.

Inspections should be scheduled as part of roof maintenance in St. Louis., MO to catch problems in their early stages. Contact His and Hers Roof today to learn more about our services.