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What Causes Granule Loss in Shingles?

What Causes Granule Loss in Shingles?

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Granules are common on asphalt roofing in St. Louis, MO. They are a coating material that provides added protection from the elements and the sun’s UV rays, and they help make shingles fire resistant. It’s time to reach out to His and Hers Roofing if you’re noticing a significant loss of granules. But just what causes granule loss in shingles?

Hail Damage

Damage from hail is a common reason to need roof repair. It’s also something that can cause granule loss in shingles. One of our roofing pros can check your roof for pitting or granule loss after a storm so any granule loss issues can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Normal Wear and Aging

Seeing granules in your gutters and downspouts on an increasingly regular basis is one of the signs suggesting it’s time to consider a new roofing installation. This is more likely to happen if your roof is older. Some shingles become brittle with age, which further accelerates granule loss.


Some degree of granule loss is normal, especially on newly installed roofs. However, if some of your shingles are exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis, blistering may occur and cause more granules to dislodge. These pimple-like protrusions can also be the result of weather-related damage, age-related issues, or even excess foot traffic on your roof.

Give Our Team a Call

Regardless of why you are noticing granule loss in your shingles, feel confident when you reach out to a roofing contractor from His and Hers Roofing that the problem will be solved. We’ll make appropriate repairs or take any other steps that may be necessary.

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