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What to Avoid During Your Roof Installation Project

What to Avoid During Your Roof Installation Project

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His and Hers Roofing is prepared to make your experience with the installation of new roofing in Fairview Heights, IL, pleasant and productive from start to finish. As you weigh your options with a new installation, we want to remind you of some things to avoid as you get started with this process.

Not Considering Roof Color

Deciding what kind of roof you want is only one thing to consider with a new roofing installation. Roof color also matters. Shingles that are lighter, for instance, reflect more of the sun’s rays. This can leave you with a cooler roof and cooler upper floors if your home is directly exposed to full sunlight.

Forgetting about Your Gutter System

It’s not always necessary to update your gutter system just because you are getting new roofing. However, it’s something to consider with your roofing contractor if you have gutters and downspouts that are older, worn, or damaged to the point where repair is no longer cost-effective. Well-functioning gutters and downspouts help keep excess water off your roof.

Not Considering Other Types of Roofing Materials

Newer asphalt shingles can certainly be durable and a wise investment. But if your main priority is to extend the life of your roof for as long as possible with minimal roof maintenance, other types of roof materials are worth considering. Metal roofs, for example, are low-maintenance, come in a variety of colors, and have a lifespan that averages 50-70 years or more.

The main thing to avoid with new roof installation is doing the work yourself. It’s easier than you may realize to overlook important steps or local guidelines. Fortunately, His and Hers Roofing is here to help. You’ll also have fewer issues with frequent and costly roof repair if you partner with our seasoned roofing pros.

When in need of professional roofing solutions from an expert roofing contractor, contact His and Hers Roofing today.