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Roofing Installation in St. Louis, MO, and Nearby Areas

There are many reasons to consider hiring His & Hers Roofing to tackle your roofing installation in St. Louis, MO. It is an arduous job to replace and install roofing materials without injury or error. Further, know the type of roofing—whether asphalt, metal, or tile and clay—is another dilemma. Our roof architects can successfully avoid any missteps during roof installations because they are master craftsmen in this line of work. Our company serves the residents of Illinois and Missouri. We have compiled the reasons why our client base ought to consider hands-on and highly competent new roofing services.

Reasons Your Roof May Fail

There are a lot of reasons that your roofing in St. Louis, MO may fail. Old roofing materials suffer from exposure to the elements, which over time, causes shingles and roof coatings to deteriorate. Without active maintenance, roofs are at risk with ventilating homes and keeping homeowners protected from the elements. Leak bearings and flashings are essentially keeping moisture from intruding into sensitive frames and hips. The slopes on roofs ought to keep rainwater from traveling down, instead of infiltrating into attics. Over time, attic condensation can rot roofing materials and cause dangerous mold infestation in homes.

This is why hiring a reputable roofing contractor in St. Louis, MO is paramount. With the help of His & Hers Roofing, homeowners can rest easy knowing their homes will never experience mold and roof leaks. If your roof is experiencing structural problems due to moisture or rot, we will walk you through the basics of roof installations.

New Roof Installations

When it comes to roofing installation in St. Louis, MO, we are the company to trust. It is best to always contact us for a roofing job if you notice the early signs of rot from moisture—such as a lack of ventilation in your home, water spots around ceilings, and mold growth in attics. Some construction companies may have done a poor job installing your new roof, causing these issues to happen long before they typically occur. At His & Hers Roofing, we cover the whole nine yards with roofing installations. Whether a homeowner needs bearings and flashing installed or would like to redo the whole roofing structure—we tackle the job efficiently and cautiously.

New Construction Roof Installation

When you're building a new structure, you need a steady roof installed by a roofing contractor in St. Louis, MO, and nearby areas. A new, sturdy roof keeps the building dry and increases the value. Metal and shingle roofs are two popular roofing options.

Metal Roof Installation

If you want something to last a long time, consider metal roofing installation in St. Louis, MO, and other areas we serve. Metal roofs also have a pleasing aesthetic, because the fastens are commonly hidden, They can last 30-50 years with proper upkeep as well as withstand high winds. Lighter shades of metal roofs may help absorb heat and lower energy costs.

Roof Shingle Installation

Styles of roof shingles include shaker, wood, asphalt, and slate, and they come in many designs. Asphalt shingles can be made to resemble other types of shingles. Shingled roofs are cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain. In areas prone to storms, they may be impact rated.

Benefits of New Roofing

Each of the four seasons has a distinct impact on roofs. If a roof has poor ventilation in the summer, homes may become sweltering. During the frigid winter months, a draft from the roof may cause colds and general discomfort. Waiting until your home becomes unlivable due to a deteriorating roof never has to be an issue at His & Hers Roofing. In fact, neglecting your roof will cause more repair costs in the long run and potentially jeopardize the property value of your home. Sometimes new roofing is a fast and efficient job, requiring new shingles or material to prevent seasonal drafts. Either way, our reputation as roofing experts’ centers on helping our homeowners avoid even minor problems with their roofs. Let us take care of your roof maintenance in St. Louis, MO so that your roof stays intact.

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Roofs are a complex structure and understanding how to keep them well intact takes a little patience and a lot of hands-on practice. At His & Hers Roofing, we specialize in every aspect of roofs and roof repair in St. Louis, MO. We can install any type of roof and will lay out the plan of action before we begin the job. We are available today to begin roofing repairs and installations. You can count on us for:

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