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4 Things to Think About Before Re-Roofing Your Home

4 Things to Think About Before Re-Roofing Your Home

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Re-roofing takes commitment, strategizing, and knowledge of a home’s design and roofing materials. Let His and Hers Roofing take the reins of roof repairs and installations so you can enjoy the final product for many years to come. We serve residents of Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri. There are four central aspects of re-roofing that our clients ought to review before they take the first step and contact us for the job.

Examine your Roof and Attic for Mold

The presence of mold in an attic will alert homeowners to the severity of damage to their roofing structure. Once His and Hers Roofing are alerted to the presence of mold, we will immediately begin discussing re-roofing since your home may be threatened with structural damage. If your roof and attic is not water-logged or infested with mold, it might be time to consider a design plan for your roof.

Think About How You Would Like Your New Roof to Look

Some neighborhoods institute community design plans to preserve a local culture or keep homes alike with proper roofing materials. If you have the privilege of owning a more remote home, you will likely have more agency to select the roofing materials and style. However, if you live in a residential area, consult with your homeowner’s association about the proper design protocol. We will always fill in the blanks if you are lacking knowledge about what roofing materials would be most beneficial.

Consider Weather Patterns in Your City or State

Roofing materials are generally selected according to weather patterns in cities and states. Some roofs need more durable materials to withstand heavy winds or blizzards in the winter. Do-it-yourself roof repairs are never recommended because homeowners may install the wrong shingles or tiles. Furthermore, re-roofing can be dangerous and very meticulous with preventing drafts inside your home.

You Never Have to Second Guess His and Hers Roofing

Despite all these considerations with re-roofing, we will always work to address our client’s concerns and preferences with their roofing materials. At His and Hers Roofing, we pay equal attention to design and safety to maximize the investment of re-roofing.