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What Should You Do About Your Leaky Roof?

What Should You Do About Your Leaky Roof?

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From harsh weather conditions to age, poor roof installation, and poor quality roofing materials, there are endless possible causes of a leaky roof. And if not repaired or replaced sooner, leaking roofs can cause more harm than you think.

A small trickle can turn into a big issue, causing other potential damages to your home. These include risks of fire and shock, mold growth, ceiling, and attics damages, and slip hazards, to mention a few dangers of a leaking roof.

It is up to you to act fast before the issues get out of hand. If you are wondering what to do about your leaky roof, check out these tips.

Get Your Valuables Out of the Way

As soon as you suspect your roof is leaking, the first step is to move your valuables to a safe place. A leaking roof is bad enough, and the last thing you want is to deal with other damaged valuables. Move your clothing, furniture, electronics, and documents to a leak-free room.

Contain the Leaks

If you notice discolorations on your ceiling or a wet roof decking, these are signs that you have a leaking roof.  Grab buckets, towels, and garbage cans immediately to contain as much water as possible and reduce the impact of water overflow and damages.

Failure to contain the water will result in expensive repairs. The cost of replacing the damaged items may outweigh the cost of roof repair.

While containing the leaks, note that the source will not always be where you see the water coming from. Therefore, it would be best to let an expert roofing company conduct a thorough inspection to spot the source and cause of the leaks.

The experts possess the skills necessary to inspect the roof both from the interior and exterior.

Reduce Water Pressure

If you notice a sagging or bulging spot on your ceiling, the chances are that there is water collecting in that area. While it may sound like a bad idea to poke a hole to let the water out, do it. The reason being, if you leave it, the collected water could spread to other areas of the ceiling and cause more harm.

Besides, water pressure could cause the bulging spot to erupt and result in a larger mess. You may use a screwdriver to poke the lowest point of the bulge. Don’t forget to place a bucket right below the puncture to collect the water.

If you lack the tool and skill or feel that you may cause further damages, it will help if you contact a roof leak repair expert to help with water pressure relief.

Cover the Leaky Roof With a Tarp

If you cannot get the leaky roof fixed right away, perhaps due to financial constraints, covering the affected areas with a tarp is your next best option.

Tarps work best if your roof is in a safe or climbable state. Identify the source of the problem depending on the location of the leak from the inside. Then use at least a 6mm thick tarp to seal the spots. Extend the cover to a minimum of 4ft across the problematic area for adequate protection.

You should note that tarps are not a permanent solution. They are meant to prevent water damages for a few days as you plan your finances and look for the best roofing contractor.

Contact Local Roofers

After realizing a leaky roof, the wisest step to take is to hire roofing services for roof inspection and repair. With reliable contractors, you are assured of quality repair services to meet your expectations.

Take your time to look for reputable and experienced contractors—conduct background research to determine their trustworthiness and credibility.

Ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and colleagues. Let them share experiences with different local roofers. You can then choose the most recommended company or one that meets your needs.

You may also do an online search for the best providers. Search for local roofers near me. You will get access to a range of providers so you can settle with the highest rated. Check reviews on their sites to establish their reputation. Pay more attention to their service quality, cost, and ability to meet deadlines.

It is highly advisable to look for roofers in my area with a physical office. This way, you will know where to find them if the leaking issues recur.

The roofing contractors have the skills and experience needed for a one-time repair or replacement. Furthermore, you can trust them to handle the specific affected areas without causing further damages.

They understand installation codes, the needed paperwork, and everything else required to ensure proper installation and repairs while complying with your state’s requirements.

Roof Inspection by Expert Contractors

Repairing a leaking roof is a complex task. It requires expertise and proper equipment to inspect and rectify the problems. The longer you wait to hire experts, the worse the issue gets, and it could end up costing you more.

Allow the roofing contractors to evaluate the condition of the roof and track down the leaks. The experts will inspect the roof penetrations, ventilation, and other areas more susceptible to leaks.

After an assessment, the contractors will establish the cause of the roof leaks and if the roof requires repair or a complete replacement. If the leaks result from poor quality roofing materials, storm damages, or premature roofing failure, the contractors may advise you to do a total replacement.

The contractors will provide you with an estimate for the scope of work. The estimate should be as specific and comprehensive as possible to help determine if you can afford the services.

Make a sound decision based on what is right for your property. Don’t let the urge to save more prompt you to get roofing repair where replacement is needed.

Act Fast To Prevent Further Leaky Roof Damages

A leaky roof only gets worse, and even the tiniest leaks can turn major if not fixed sooner. It would help if you acted fast to prevent further damages.

Let experts inspect, repair, or replace the affected areas as soon as you suspect your roof has leaks. Search for the best roofers near me and select a contractor you can fully trust and rely on for quality services.

We are your go-to contractors for all your roofing repair needs. Contact us today to get a quote, and let’s fix your home.