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Common Roofing Issues During Winter

Common Roofing Issues During Winter

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Your home’s roof takes more punishment than any other part of your home’s structure. During winter, your roof takes on a heavy burden, especially for your roofing in St. Peters, MO. When you need roof repair due to damage caused by strong winter weather, the pros at His and Hers Roofing are here to help with fast and professional repairs.

Getting your home ready for winter means making sure your roof is up to the demands that come with the season. If regular roof maintenance is not a part of your home maintenance plan, then now is an excellent time to start to ensure your roof is ready for some of the common roofing issues that accompany winter. Here’s a look at a few roofing issues that come with winter.

Strong Winter Winds

As a qualified roofing contractor, we understand the damage that strong winter winds can do to your roof. If you have an older roof, high winds that accompany winter storms can rip shingles and tiles from rooftops. After a storm with high winds, check your yards for shingles that may have become detached and call us to repair any damage.

Heavy Snowfall

The volume of snow can cause an old or weak roof to collapse. While this is rare, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected to ensure it’s strong and can withstand heavy snowfall. If your roof does collapse, you can count on us for prompt and speedy roofing installation and repair to solve the problem and give you peace of mind.

Ice Dams

These occur when the snow on your roof melts and then refreezes, creating a barrier or dam on your roof’s edges that prevents melting snow from draining off your roof. With nowhere to drain, the water can leak into your roof and cause severe damage. Keeping your gutters clean will help prevent ice dams from forming.

For expert and professional roof repair and other services, call His and Hers Roofing, and let us take care of all your roofing repair, installation, and maintenance needs. You may also fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.